Liebster Blog Award Nomination

I was so excited to see that Fae of Fae’s Twist and Tango nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award!  It’s such a great feeling to know that my blog is being read and appreciated. Thank you, thank you.  I figured I might as well pass on that good feeling by nominating 11 bloggers of my own choosing, as well as answering the 11 questions given to me by Fae.

My Answers to the 11 Questions:

1. What inspires you?      As far as my blog goes…family, friends, other bloggers, random recipes I see on magazine covers in the grocery store line.  Not necessarily in that order.
2. What is your favorite dessert?      Boy, that’s a tough one….but quite possibly Andes Mint ice cream cake.  Yes, a pre-packaged sin for a baking blogger!
3. What is your favorite comedy?      The Office!
4. When you were a child, what did you want to be when your grew up?      Ironically enough, I’ve wanted to be a baker since I was about 5.
5. Why did you start a blog?      I wanted to create a place to play around with writing, develop a voice, and keep track of all the recipes I try.
6. What is your favorite part of blogging?      I love the feeling of accomplishment I get every time I publish another post, and the knowledge that I’m creating something totally unique.
7. What would be the name of your ‘reality show’ to describe your life?      Honestly…no idea.
8. If you were to give a speech on any topic, what would it be?      Probably something environmental…
9. If you changed your name, what would you change it to?      I wouldn’t change my name!
10. What is your dream career?      Something in the field of writing …or maybe a child psychologist.
11. If money was no object, where would you live and why?      I’d have two houses!  One in the northwest, on the Pacific Ocean, and the other near my hometown in Colorado.

My 11 Nominations:

1) Geraldine of Pretty Baking

2) Emily of Emily Cooks Vegan

3) At 350 Degrees

4) Lorraine of Sweet Little Thang

5) Jess of A Lot On Your Plate

6) Lesley of Bucket List Publications

7) Lis of Playing With Flour

8) John of Society Red

9) Brett and Michelle of Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

10) Yummies for Tummies

11) Amy of Spellcheckaholic

My 11 Questions to the Nominated Bloggers:

1) Why did you start a blog?

2) What is your favorite part about blogging?

3) Of all the posts you’ve written, do you have a favorite?

4) If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

5) What’s your favorite food?

6) If you could have a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would it be to?

7) Where would you like to be living in 10 years?

8) Chocolate or vanilla?

9) Dogs or cats?

10) What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s thinking of starting a blog?

11) What’s one word that you would use to describe yourself?

Rules of the Award:

1  Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2  Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3  Answer the 11 questions proposed by the person who nominated you.
4  Select 11 people for the award.
5  Pose 11 new questions to the new nominees.


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